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Tropical Council illustrative financial statements for 2013-14


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform local governments:

View the Tropical statements here (PDF icon 1.03 MB)

Also included in Tropical are the 'prescribed forms' required under the City of Brisbane Regulation 2012 and the Local Government Regulation 2012 – i.e. the Certificate given by the Mayor and Chief Executive Office of council in relation to the General Purpose Financial Statements (consolidated and non-consolidated), and the certificates in relation to the current year financial sustainability statement and long-term financial sustainability statement.


Local governments are required to prepare audited annual financial statements that comply with local government legislation and the Australian Accounting Standards.

To assist with this, the Department prepares a set of example annual financial statements each year. These statements are commonly referred to as 'Tropical', and are updated each year to reflect new and amended Australian Accounting Standards and other relevant legislative requirements.

Applicable legislation

Changes to Tropical in 2013-14

The changes that have been made in Tropical for 2013-14 are identified by orange coloured shading. This feature is designed to assist councils to quickly identify those changes that are relevant to a particular local government.

Major amendments include:

Communication and training

A series of information sessions were held throughout Queensland in March 2014. The purpose of these sessions was to:

Another session will be held in Longreach in May 2014.

Changes made since the release of the draft Tropical

At the information sessions in March 2014 council officers were provided with a draft copy of the illustrative financial statements for 2013-14.

The final version on the Department's website differs slightly from the draft version in the following respects:

  1. Note 32: Superannuation has been updated
  2. A small amendment has been made to Note 19 to provide a reconciliation of opening to closing balances for those assets that have a different class disclosure in Note 19 from that in Note 18 (i.e. buildings which are split into two classes for the purpose of fair value measurement disclosure).

Further information

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