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Grants Reform

The reform of grants began with a 2016 State infrastructure Plan (SIP) action to review infrastructure grants programs to local government. In early 2016 the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) made a submission to the government on the reform of State-Local government grant programs.

In response to the SIP action and LGAQ submission the government completed a review of local government grant programs. This review confirmed the fragmented nature of grants programs providing options and opportunities for improvement.

As part of the 2018-19 State Budget the Government has committed $3.2 million over four years to improve and simplify the administration of grants to local government.

Summary of the review

The review:

  • Considered the context for Queensland Government grant funding to local governments
  • Identified key trends in grant funding arrangements, including grant timeframes and associated administration costs
  • Analysed key strengths and weaknesses of the current arrangements within a capacity, capability and innovation context
  • Included consultation with a number of local governments, State agencies and the LGAQ to establish their perspectives on grant objectives, scope and operating principles
  • Recommended guiding principles for a future grant funding arrangement framework
  • Outlined an implementation roadmap.

Key outcomes of the review

The key outcomes are:

  • Implement an outcome focused grants model where grant programs with common objectives are managed consistently
  • Align grant programs with State Government priorities and, Council strategies and budget cycles
  • Reduce red tape through streamlining the administration, monitoring and reporting of grant programs
  • Support Councils across all stages of the grant program process, including necessary long-term planning.

Grants to Local Government Policy Position

The key outcomes of the review have informed the next stage of grants reform, the Grants to Local Government Policy Position (PDF, 252KB).

This policy position confirms the government will develop a model for grant funding that is simple, adaptable and coordinated, that provides value for the State, while being responsive to community priorities.

Supporting the policy position, proposed program streams (PDF, 286KB) have been developed showing how funding programs can be coordinated and simplified.

The Department has commenced implementation planning to determine the requirements to deliver on the policy position.

To inform the development of the implementation plan, the department will be working with Councils, State Agencies and other stakeholders to obtain feedback and input.

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