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Local government

Local government plays an important role in community governance. As a forum for local decision-making, it helps deliver the Queensland Government's priorities locally and regionally.

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    Information and resources for council officers to assist in developing best practice when working in council.

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    Find out about your legislative requirements as a councillor and how you can best serve your community.

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You can read more about how the Local Government Sustainability Framework supports councils

More information

Notice of mandatory councillor training

Under section 169A of the Local Government Act 2009 (LGA) and the City of Brisbane Act 2010 (CoBA), all Queensland local government councillors must complete approved councillor training about the responsibilities of councillors. The approved councillor training that all councillors must complete is the Compliance (Mandatory) module of the LG Leaders Program, which covers the following three topics:

  1. Code of Conduct;
  2. Registers of Interests; and
  3. Conflicts of Interests.

This approved councillor training must be completed in the period ending 6 months after the conclusion of the local government election. Serious penalties may apply for non-compliance including suspension and dismissal as outlined in sections 120 and 122 of the LGA. The department’s chief executive may extend the prescribed period if they are satisfied it would be appropriate in the circumstances.

The training is provided through an electronic system that identifies each councillor who starts the training and records when the councillor completes the training.

Access the LG Leaders Program

  • To access the LG Leaders Program and complete your mandatory training, you can now log in to LG Central.
  • The system will identify each councillor who starts the training and will record when the training has been completed.

If you experience difficulties accessing LG Central or the LG Leaders Program, including the mandatory training modules, please contact or 3452 7148.

This notice is issued in accordance with section 169A(4) of the LGA and CoBA, section 254AA of the Local Government Regulation 2012 and section 242AA of the City of Brisbane Regulation 2012.

Councillor resources

Councils can sign up to LG Central to access resources to support local government in Queensland:

  • Best practice guidelines
  • Sample policies
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Training opportunities
  • FAQs.