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Wrap-up of Multicultural Queensland Month

With over 100 events held across Queensland the 2019 Multicultural Queensland Month has well-achieved its aim and reached new audiences to help promote the state’s vibrant cultural diversity.

‘This year we have engaged in different ways with people and communities across the state to celebrate Queenslanders of culturally diverse backgrounds,’ she explained.

‘For example, our support for Pub Choir’s ‘Love you Queensland’ tour in regional cities and towns, our partnership with the Ekka and the Brisbane Lions and as well as sponsorship of the Multicultural Race Day gave us access to people from all walks of life including sports fans and families.’

Rebecca said Multicultural Queensland Month resulted in some fantastic partnerships between state and local government, community and sporting organisations.   

‘We worked with the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) and the Ekka to hold the first ever citizenship ceremony in the Ekka’s 142-year history,’ she said.

‘The department also funded events throughout Queensland ensuring our regional communities had the opportunity share in the delights of our diversity.’

Rebecca recalled many memorable moments throughout Multicultural Queensland Month.   

‘One event that stands out for me is the Premier’s Multicultural Reception and the performance by the We Are Logan choir which sang I am Australian,’ she noted.

‘This was very moving as the choir members are refugees and migrants, some of the performers have only been living in Australia for three months and are still learning English at the Logan TAFE.

‘The Premier’s reception was very well received. It’s great to see our department working in partnership with the Department of Premier and Cabinet to host this significant event for the multicultural community.    

‘Another highlight was the Multicultural Queensland Awards and acknowledging the sector’s high achievers. Re-affirming how important the month is to Queensland.’

And Rebecca’s prediction for Multicultural Queensland Month in 2020?

‘We are looking at ways now to make the month even more inclusive and to ensure the message ‘we all belong’ has an impact on new audiences,’ she confirmed.

Last updated: 20 Dec 2021