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Queenslanders #standtogether

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Queenslanders are standing together and sharing their deepest sympathies for those affected by the devastating terrorist attack in Christchurch.

The Queensland Government absolutely condemns any extremist act of terror and violence.

Racism, extremism and terrorism have no place in Queensland. We are a united, inclusive, multicultural State and we know our diversity is a source of strength.

We truly value the multicultural, multi-faith State that we live in, and we will #standtogether, even when extreme acts seek to spread fear and division.

While we may have many different cultural traditions, beliefs and experiences, we are all Queenslanders who share common dreams and hopes for peace, security, opportunity, belonging and being able to provide for our families and loved ones. #everyonebelongs

We are all partners in building and maintaining a strong, inclusive and safe Queensland community—a place where everyone belongs.

We can all play a role every day by speaking out against racism and discrimination in all of its forms, and speaking up for diversity and inclusion.

Ideas to support Queenslanders of the Islamic faith

Here are a number of suggestions, however we encourage you to develop your own initiatives.

Social media

  • Create and share positive content. This may be based on the key messages above.
  • Remember to use the hashtags #standtogether and #everyonebelongs.
  • Celebrate and promote your own cultural heritage
  • Other examples will be featured on Multicultural Affairs Queensland social media accounts.

Video messages

  • Create your own message of support. This may be based on the suggested key messages attached.
  • Post your messages on your social media account with #standtogether and #everyonebelongs.

Racism, It stops with me

Last updated: 17 Aug 2022