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Local Government Remuneration Commission

The Local Government Remuneration Commission (the Commission) is established under the Local Government Act 2009.

The Commission is an independent body, made up of a Chair and Casual Commissioners, appointed by the Governor in Council.

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning provides administrative and secretariat assistance to the Commission to enable it to effectively perform its responsibilities.


Under the Act, the functions of the Commission are:

  1. to establish the categories of local governments
  2. to decide the category to which each local government belongs
  3. to decide the maximum amount of remuneration payable to the councillors in each of the categories;
  4. to consider and make recommendations to the Minister about matters relating to councillor advisors; and
  5. another function related to the remuneration of councillors directed, in writing, by the Minister.

The categories are reviewed every four years, while the remuneration is reviewed annually.

Category Review

The local government category review process is now underway. The last change to the remuneration categories was in 2015. Since this time, the environment in which many councils operate has changed significantly, as have the requirements of mayors and councillors.

You are encouraged to have your say on the review.


The decisions and activities of the Commission, including the current remuneration categories for Queensland councils, are published in the Local Government Remuneration Commission Annual Report 2023 ( 908.7 KB).

Previous publications

Local Government Remuneration Commission

Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal

The Commission acknowledges the substantive contribution of the 2007-2019 former Tribunal/s to develop the local government remuneration schedule and category system. This work has been documented in each of the previous reports, including the established of the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal in 2007 as an Independent body to determine remuneration for 72 councils in Queensland.


For all enquiries regarding the Commission, please contact

Last updated: 15 Dec 2023