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2021-2024 Flying-Fox Roost Management in Queensland Program

The Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI) is delivering $2 million in grant funding to assist Queensland local governments mitigate the impacts of flying-fox roosts on their communities and better support residents and businesses to co-exist with flying foxes.

The program is being delivered through six competitive rounds over four years (2021-2024). Councils can access funding twice annually over this period.

As councils are at different stages of the flying-fox roost management process, the grant program provides funding through three distinct but complementary streams:

  • Stream 1: Immediate/high-priority actions – grants to assist councils to carry out immediate high-priority works while longer-term arrangements are developed.
  • Stream 2: Development of roost management plans – grants to assist councils to develop long-term roost management plans for their local government area (LGA). Management plans will address specific problem roosts and provide a holistic guide to adaptive management options for roosts over the entire LGA.
  • Stream 3: Implementation of roost management plans – grants to assist councils to implement roost management actions (identified within their management plans) to mitigate the impacts of flying fox roosts and encourage their communities to co-exist with flying-foxes.

Rounds 1 to 6 of the program have closed and successful applicants have been selected.

Resources and forms for rounds 1-6:

For further information on rounds 1 to 6, please refer to the Flying-Fox Roost Management—Local Government Grants Program page.

Further funding

The Queensland Government announced a further $1.5 million in the 2023/24 State Budget to extend the program for an additional three years. Round 7 will open for applications in 2024 with revised program guidelines for streams 1-3 made available in advance of the application period.

Contact information

For further information please contact the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation at or visit the DESI website.

Last updated: 01 Feb 2024