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Local laws database

Under the Local Government Act 2009 (LGA), a local government is authorised to make and enforce any local law that is necessary or convenient for the good rule and local government of its area.

A local government must let the public know that a local law has been made by publishing a notice in the gazette and on the local government’s website. Within 14 days after the notice is published, the local government must give the Minister for Local Government a copy of the notice and a copy of the local law in electronic form.

A local government is required to keep a register of their local laws and must ensure a copy of their local laws may be inspected and purchased by the public at their public offices.

The department is required by the LGA to keep a database of all local governments’ local laws and ensure a copy of the database may be viewed by the public on the departmental website.

Where an electronic copy of a local law is not available on the database, this may be due to the local government not providing the department with an electronic copy of that law, or the law may have been made before the requirement for the department to maintain the database in its current format. If you require a copy of a law that is not available on this website, it is suggested you contact the relevant local government directly who may be able to assist.

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The material presented on this site is provided by the Queensland Government for information purposes only. To the best of the Queensland Government’s knowledge, the material was current at the time of the publication. Users remain responsible for satisfying themselves as to the material’s accuracy, completeness and currency. Users should contact their local government for certified or official versions of their respective local laws. The Queensland Government accepts no responsibility for decisions or action taken as a result of using the material presented on this site. Where appropriate, independent advice should be sought.

The Queensland Government expressly disclaims all liability (including but not limited to liability for negligence) for errors and omissions of any kind whatsoever or for any loss (including direct and indirect losses), damage or other consequence which may arise from a user's access to, reliance on, use of,or inability to use the site.

Certified copies of local laws are available from the respective local governments.


The respective local government is the owner of the copyright and asserts the right to have this material remain unaltered.

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Last updated: 03 Jun 2024