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Bundaberg Action Plan

The Bundaberg Action Plan recognises and responds to changing needs and flood risk conditions following its launch in 2017.

The plan is based on options from a Flood Mitigation Options Assessment Report developed by an independent consultant based on community feedback and technical studies.

After further extensive community consultation in 2018, four options were chosen by the community and experts to future flood-proof affected residents and businesses.

  1. Bundaberg North Evacuation Route Improvements
    Improve the connection between Bundaberg North and the CBD during a flood event
  2. Bundaberg East Levee
    To provide better protection for parts of Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South and the CBD
  3. Upper Flood Plain Evacuation Improvements
    Reduce the isolation time of Goodnight Scrub, Morganville, Pine Creek, Givelda and Electra
  4. Floodway House Purchase Scheme
    A voluntary purchase or relocation through a land-swap of select residential blocks in Bundaberg North that are deemed to be in a floodway with high depths and velocities.

The options remain subject to ongoing consideration.


November 2015

Independent study undertaken by consultants Jacobs to review previous flood studies and hold a public consultation period.

Early 2017

Completion of the Bundaberg Flood Protection Study.

Mid 2017

Launched the Bundaberg Action Plan (BAP) with $4 million allocated by the Queensland Government


Community consultation on the four proposed projects in the BAP

January 2019

Funding of $1.1 million was announced for the first phase of the Upper Floodplain Evacuation Improvements project.

October 2020

The Queensland Government committed half the funding to construct the Bundaberg Flood Levee and commenced engagement with the Commonwealth Government to secure a co-funding commitment.

June 2023

Joint funding of the $174.7 million Bundaberg East Levee secured by the Queensland and Commonwealth governments to provide better protection for parts of Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South and the CBD.

Bundaberg East Levee

Following the 2013 floods, we worked with the Bundaberg community on how to reduce flood risk to the people of Bundaberg, their homes, businesses and the local economy.

Find out more about the levee.

We will continue working with you

It takes a long time to come to a decision on projects of the scale and complexity proposed in this plan because they involve local, state and federal governments.

Last updated: 28 Mar 2024