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Council service requests

If you want to request that your council provides or improves a service, or fixes a problem, this is known as a service request. Service requests include installing new lighting, new road signs, a request to change library hours, repair a damaged road, mow a footpath, clean graffiti, or remove a fallen tree.

To make a service request you should contact your council’s call centre or hotline, email address, or enquiry counter. This ensures that council can prioritise the request efficiently and organise for council officers to complete it.

If you contact a councillor, they may refer your request to the usual council hotline, email, or council officer. It is the councillor’s role to focus on strategic decision-making for the whole council area rather than managing day-to-day service requests, which are the responsibility of the council’s CEO and other council officers. It is illegal for a councillor to contact a council employee to direct them to complete your work request.

Last updated: 02 Mar 2023