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Multicultural Affairs Queensland Engagement strategy 2019–21

Multicultural Affairs is committed to strengthening the way we engage with our stakeholders and we are determined to make our engagement inclusive, timely, accessible and transparent.

The Multicultural Affairs Queensland Engagement strategy (the strategy) acknowledges that stakeholder needs vary and a range of engagement approaches are required to ensure diverse views are heard and understood. It also highlights our role to help facilitate and build connections between stakeholder groups. Through our strengthened engagement activities, we will aim to develop and deliver culturally responsive programs and remove barriers to encourage the full participation of people from all backgrounds in the cultural, economic and social life of Queensland.

This strategy is the result of our consultation and we thank all who so generously shared their views.

View the Multicultural Affairs Queensland Engagement strategy (PDF, 600KB). We have also created a version (PDF, 1MB) that you can print out and share.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020