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Allianz Australia - Ambassadors mark 2018 Refugee Week

In June 2018, Allianz Australia hosted a Refugee Week event for Multicultural Queensland Ambassadors in Brisbane.

Allianz has worked in partnership with Settlement Services International (SSI) for a number of years. Donna Walker, chief technical officer at Allianz Australia, said the Refugee Week event was an important reminder to challenge stereotypes and build multicultural workforces that reflect the modern Australian landscape.

“Australia’s refugees are far from a homogenous group; they come from enormously diverse backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of skills and life experiences,” Walker said. “However, there are often barriers that many highly skilled refugees and migrants face when trying to seek suitable employment, including language and cultural differences, a lack of recognition by employers for their experience and education, and, quite often, unconscious bias.”

A number of other Ambassador organisation representatives spoke at the event, including AFL Queensland CEO Dean Warren, Suncorp CEO for wealth and banking David Carter, and MDA CEO Kerrin Benson.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020