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Everyone Matters — AFL Queensland


Everyone Matters is a Queensland school curriculum program for Year 4 students. The program is a celebration of multiculturalism and promotes inclusive behaviours, positive relationships and valuing diversity, while using AFL as a vehicle for learning.


Bring a curriculum program designed to build a sense of community around diversity – creating a sense of identity and welcoming – to a Year 4 classroom. We believe this program can make a positive difference for Queensland’s greatest assets – its people!


In 2017, AFL Queensland launched our Year 4 school curriculum program, Everyone Matters, in partnership with our School Advisory Board and the Queensland Department of Education and Training. Prior to this program, there wasn’t any existing curriculum program within the Queensland education system that targeted inclusion and social cohesion using sports as a context. This well-resourced program is free for all Queensland schools and comprises lesson plans, activity resources and assessment tools.


In only two terms, more than 50 classes and 1000 students have participated in Everyone Matters. The program ensures students build their knowledge to form the basis for mutual understanding. This, in turn, will promote positive inclusive behaviour. Further, the program promotes an understanding that Queensland is a place where people of all cultures, languages and faiths feel a strong sense of belonging.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020