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Randstad Mentoring Program

Randstad has a mentoring program that works with youth (18 - 24 years olds) to make them “job ready”. With the youth unemployment rate around 11%, Randstad saw a need to help. The program is called Shaping Young Futures (SYF) and previously has been directed to disadvantaged youth from The Smith Family. After meeting MDA through the Multicultural Ambassador Program, Randstad and MDA discussed how we could run a Shaping Young Futures Program for migrants and refugees involving Randstad clients. The program is a 6-week mentoring course. NDA clients are mentored by Randstad recruitment consultants on creating a resume, building a personal brand, applying for jobs, interview tips, social media and your first day on at a job. At the end of the program, participants are invited to a networking event at the Randstad office, where other clients of Randstad attend to discuss their career history to help and coach the participants. This also gives the participants an opportunity to build on their professional network - hopefully leading to employment.

Randstad and MDA are pleased to say all participants in the first program have found jobs or are going through an employment process with companies. Some of the clients that attended the event employed the participants directly, other participants found jobs themselves or were referred to other companies by the people who attended the networking event. The program will happen again in 2019 and will have more clients attending to help spread the Charter principles and create meaningful pathways.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020