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As a result of the 2020 Queensland Government elections, this department has undergone a machinery of government. Read more about the new Ministerial portfolios and departmental Directors-General.

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True’s Culturally Responsive Health Project


True’s Culturally Responsive Health Project increases the capacity of health services and their staff to be culturally responsive. Equity in access to health services is a fundamental human right that fosters community and social outcomes. Reproductive and sexual health care within migrant and refugee communities requires community centred responses. This is undertaken through embedding cultural frameworks, community perspectives and accountability measures across health systems and upskilling of health professionals. Through better understanding of intersectional cultural differences, barriers to equity can be addressed.


To create a suite of professional development, educational resources and health promotion materials for health professionals that are tailored to the needs of migrant and refugee patients. These products are a community collaboration that will evolve over time, reflecting the diverse and fluid developing cultures that they are located within. To complement these materials, training for translators and interpreters in medical and procedural terminology assists in creating a supportive and culturally safe experience for the patient.


True’s Culturally Responsive Health Project developed, and continues to refine, professional development, educational resources and health promotion materials that have been well-received by True’s own clinicians as well as health professionals across Queensland. The professional development is offered via a series of workshops and webinars accessible on True’s website with promotion across various stakeholder groups.

New resources have been published on best practice frameworks, professional development, practice reflection, health promotion and education. The resources have been developed in collaboration with key stakeholders throughout Queensland and due to demand a National Advisory Group was formed.


Professional development has been consistently booked and well-attended. Training with interpreters and translators has extended to include modules on leadership skills, networking and career pathways in the Queensland Government. By upskilling the health sector through True’s Culturally Responsive Health Project, equity in accessing health services can be supported for migrant and refugee populations.

The Culturally Responsive Health Project shows that specialist organisations, clinicians, communities and health sector workers can reflect and work collaboratively to create inclusive health services. Queensland Health has committed to funding this project until June 2020, supporting long-term resourcing and outcomes for migrant and refugee communities in Queensland.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020