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University Mentoring Program—Commonwealth Bank


The program matches a Victoria University student with a CommBank staff member to individually discuss the student’s career aspirations and concerns in preparing the student to transition from Victoria University to work. Students are often from a Multicultural background or are interested in insights on how to navigate and be successful in a multicultural society and workplace.


Having access to a mentor allows students to bridge the knowledge gap as they prepare for the transition from studying to working professionally. As a mentor, CommBank staff are able to contribute to the personal and professional development of future colleagues.


The CommBank commenced the Victoria University Mentoring Program initiative in August 2017. 18 staff members and managers from various levels and departments, mentored final year students and assisted them in their transition to work as well as navigating a multicultural society. Many of these CommBank staff members were also champions from their cultural diversity employee network, Mosaic. The initial program concluded with a celebration event and presentation in November 2017 and recruitment for the next round has commenced with an overwhelming initial response.


The feedback from other business partners is that mentors reported a heightened sense of personal and professional satisfaction after participating. It also provides an opportunity to add value to a student’s future and access a skilled group of future graduates.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020