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As a result of the 2020 Queensland Government elections, this department has undergone a machinery of government. Read more about the new Ministerial portfolios and departmental Directors-General.

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Multicultural Policy and Action Plan

The Multicultural Policy promotes an inclusive, harmonious and united Queensland. Together with its three-year Multicultural Action Plan, the policy drives Queensland Government action to build an environment of opportunity and achieve improved social and economic outcomes for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Multicultural Queensland Charter

The Multicultural Queensland Charter was jointly signed by the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and the Speaker Peter Wellington MP.

Speaker Series

The Multicultural Queensland Charter Speaker Series is one of the key ways the Queensland Government is promoting the Multicultural Queensland Charter (the Charter). The Series aims to build understanding of the Charter’s principles, and how these can be brought to life in a practical sense.

Our diversity statistics

The Diversity Figures flyer and snap shot brings together core demographic and diversity data from the ABS 2016 Census of Population and Housing.

What is Islam?

One of our Cultural Advisors organisations, the Islamic Women’s Association of Australia, have put together a brochure (PDF, 465KB) on Islam. It provides employers with information on everything from the Hijab to prayer times to observing Ramadan in the workplace. If you have any questions about this brochure or want to know more, please contact IWAA at

How to recruit a more diverse workforce?

A diverse workforce benefits organisations in many ways. This fact sheet (PDF, 261KB) includes contacts for organisations who can help you recruit staff from diverse backgrounds..

Recognising migrant and refugee skills – A report by Deloitte

Queensland Human Rights Commission training

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020